Hand's down the greatest customer service I ever experienced. This guy Mike well he flat out rocks.
Today I walk into this dealership for the first time and I was literally amazed every step I took. What a huge selection of bikes. These bikes, you could not tell the difference of new and pre-owned because they all looked pristine. Kudos to the detailers. But the main reason for this review is to Mike Thompson In parts. This guy had a customer on the phone and taking care of the customer in front of me and he was only one I seen working. After that I finally got to meet this Mike T that my friends told me about. I told him the year of my bike thinking he would give me same answer that Triple S gave me earlier about parts being obsolete and to old. But no Mike took my bike information into his notebook JUST BEFORE I GOT HOME HE CALLED MY CELLPHONE TO TELL ME HE LOCATED THIS IN TEXAS. He truly made me a believer of this well organized and well stocked dealership. I will only shop here in the future....facts. You rock Mike. I hope this dealership sees your value cause your customers already (Employee: Mike Thompson)
Clarence Yeager
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